Hi, I'm Dustin Getz

Hi, I'm Dustin Getz

CEO Hyperfiddle, Clojurist https://twitter.com/dustingetz (Twitter DM is my preferred contact method)

  • I am the founder of Hyperfiddle, a Universal User Interface. A UUI is an end-user programming tool that lets you use any information system through a universal UI. The first market for this is Cloud UIs. But Hyperfiddle is like R2D2: it helps you interact with any information system, through any protocol, on any spaceship or planet.
  • I work on Photon, a reactive dialect of Clojure/Script with network distribution. Photon is interesting because it can express a client/server web application as a single distributed process (not two processes). Imagine React.js but full stack, incremental view maintenance all the way from database views to DOM views, as one streaming computation.
  • As a manager, I have experience operating a HIPAA-compliant cloud application that measures data quality (corruptions, anomalies, integrity) in Medicaid records as they are transformed en route through private -> state -> federal data warehouses.
  • I'm a volunteer advisor to Radical Decency, a game-theoretic strategy to bring values back into business decision making.


Quotes I love

On Big Startup Ideas
You can’t find secrets without looking for them
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Sufficiently Powerful Optimization Of Any Known Target Destroys All Value
Coordinating solutions to inadequate eqilibriums
Continuum of data ownership
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