I'm Dustin Getz, digital citizen

I'm Dustin Getz, digital citizen

I'm an independent software UI researcher, funded by consulting, with 20 years experience in commercial UI development across all platforms from web to VR. My research interest is in the computational structure of user interfaces.

Contact: https://twitter.com/dustingetz (Twitter DM is my preferred contact method)

  • I am the founder of Hyperfiddle, a software programming tool for making user interfaces. We exist to make an extraordinary tool for UI development that brings the next generation of applications within reach.
  • We do this through a domain-specific programming language specialized for streaming web applications. It lets devs use plain function composition to wire up complex full-stack applications without pain, bugs, or thinking about data plumbing ever. Unlike existing web frameworks that treat frontend and backend separately, Hyperfiddle's “distributed dataflow” language reunites frontend and backend into a single coherent reactive expression. Imagine React.js but full stack, incremental view maintenance all the way from database views to DOM views, as one streaming computation.
  • My long-term mission is to help people collaborate at scale with the structure and frequency of software. The first step in this is to tame runaway complexity in today’s incomprehensible information systems.
  • Giving back: I participate in Lindsay T the Lady Engineer’s weekly program for female pre-seed founders.


Quotes I love

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